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GreenPlains company was founded in 2009, which is one of leading products of conservation irrigation products in China, specialized in research, development and manufacture.90% of products are exported all over the world, well welcomed and trusted by customers from different markets. Brand: GreenPlains is the registered brand We also support cooperation with powerful companies in OEM design, manufacture and sale. Factory: We have modern technology and equipment in injection workshop, extrusion workshop, mold workshop,assembling and packaging workshop,testing and R&D center


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Greenplains Irritech

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Our Products

Pvc Compact Ball Valve supply
Pvc Ball Valve-socket supply
Pp Clamp Saddle supply
Plastic Materials Hole Punch For Irrigation Drip Tapes And Pe Pipes supply
Mini Valve Coupling supply
Filter supply
Drip Tape Elbow Connector supply
Barbe Tee supply
Adjustable Dripper supply

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