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"Grow Fide Production and Trading Co. Grow Group B.V., a Dutch producer of the world's leading vegetable shrimp producers. Was founded in Antalya in 2001 with the participation of Turkish partners. Grow Fide; Produces a healthy and high-yielding vegetable flower fidelity needed for the manufacturer to obtain quality products. It is the leading company of Turkey in the production of grafted seedlings and has announced its name as a company with the highest technology and quality. Especially not only being the first company in Turkey to produce overgrown aubergines and overgrown watermelon fidelites, but also informing our farmers about how to grow these fidelities, Turkish farmers have benefited from this technology. Although Grow Fide is a fairly new company, it has expanded its production area from 13.000 m² in 2001 to 100.000 m² as a special vaccination laboratory of 10.000 m² by the year 2009 with rapid development in a short time. Grow Fide, which has an annual production capacity of nearly 100 million trees, produces all kinds of grafted - unvaccinated vegetable fries and seasonal flower fodder. With the products it has obtained from the production facilities with the latest technology, it has become a world-wide seedling producer in the world, not only selling in Turkey but also exporting seedlings to some European and Middle Eastern countries."


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