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The savior of crops, the superior nursing master of plant growth, the nemesis of pests and diseases, Is exactly a non-toxic natural plant protection material PLAY TO WIN !! = = = Amazing product portfolio = = = (1) GPL-37=The Chain Reaction Organic Stimulants (ORGANIC NATURAL FERTILIZERS) (2) LINK-SOIL=SOIL Conditioner (Wasteland (Barren) become into fertile fields) (3) LinkNoPests-PLUS (4) Link-Algae (5) Link-Chitosan (6) LinkNoWeed All our NATURAL PESTICIDE meets the EPA Exempt pesticide registration in USA ? ? ? Organic Natural-Pesticides ? ? ? LinkNoPests-PLUS (Item#CJ-10801) Link-Algae (Diatomaceous Earth) (Item#GU-10802) Link-Chitosan (Chitosan) (Item#GU-10803) Click here ? I N N O V A T I O N H E R B I C I D E LinkNoWeed (Item#GU-10804) (The Newest Innovative Natural Organic Herbicide) To use of complete non-toxic, miraculously organic pest control agents- LinkNoPests-PLUS + Link-Algae + Link-Chitosan Be achieved A SINGLE FORMULATION with multiple efficacies. COST OF LOWER THAN GENERAL PESTICIDES USED. Single dosage, diseases, pests all eliminated. To use general pesticides (including insecticides & fungicides) will be more expensive 100% than the cost of LinkNoPests-PLUS + Link-Algae + Link-Chitosan. ? ? ? NATURAL FERTILIZERS ? ? ? Amazing efficacy to Turf, Flowers, Landscaping, Horticulture for NATURAL FERTILIZERS & SOIL Conditioner. It is an indispensable growth promoter for lawn transplanting and planting, turf preservation and life extension. It has a very strong effect of promoting root growth, and vigorous root mass are inherently necessary conditions and very important cultivation concept. === The Chain Reaction GPL-37 Agent-Organic Stimulant === Our Chain Reaction GPL-37 Agent-Organic Stimulant, it has 39% to 52% increases in nutrient uptake in the plants on its own which was amazing. Strongly confidence to recommend you to use our Chain Reaction Stimulant fertilizer - GPL-37 to MIX / collocate with your any fertilizers. Why The Chain Reaction Agent Why is 1+1?2 ? A single nutrient with the efficacy of the multiplier effect Do you believe it? The most instances for almost various fertilizers, they have 3% to 15% increases maximum in nutrient uptake in the plants on its own. However, when combined with our Chain Reaction GPL-37 Agent, it was 39% to 52% uptake which was amazing. Your actual testing and experiment will be most important and will have sufficient proof to verify its efficacy and benefits. Proof of the pudding is that you ate it. (Evidence is better than theory.) ======CHAMPION PRODUCT======DISTRIBUTOR WANTED===== AQIS Permit No. IP11008205 (Australian Government, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) U.K. Permit: OF&G Regn No. UKE0540 (Brand: Enhance Organic Stimulant) =================================================================== The product is meet EU and UK standard (Permits: OF&G Regn No. UKE0540 in U.K.) (Brand: Enhance Organic Stimulant) It is also very suitable application on the hydroponics farms. Sub. GPL-37 (technical grade) as ADJUVANT for any yourself fertilizers and USE yourself brand name GPL-37is a guide of which all nutrient factors and fertilizers (included farmers used various fertilizers such as NPK, Urea, Humate), it is able to lead and support the all nutrients to join the process of chain reaction, therefore, if you are the manufactory of any kinds of fertilizer, you may consider to combine and mix with our Technical Grade of GPL-37 (NOTE: the Technical Grade is named GPL-37, for which effect improvements and increased some more functions with boosting a high value and power more on your various fertilizers (liquid and granular are available). The technical grade material is named GPL-37 / item #HS-9412, its major ingredient (100% G.P.L.-37 chain reaction agent), which could be combined and mixed with any your fertilizers and use yourself brand name, the combine method and percentage rate are your option and prepared by yourself as your requirements. The unique report of GPL-37 Chain Reaction ORGANIC Stimulant Fertilizer to regulate plant specific genes After years of tracking and research, our experts/engineers have discovered the miracle functions of the regulation of plant specific genes of the GPL-37 Chain Reaction ORGANIC Stimulant Fertilizer. The innovative technology of GPL-37 Chain Reaction ORGANIC stimulant Fertilizer is able to regulate plant specific genes, develop plant growth regulators, growth stimulants, and high-efficiency fertilizers, which can increase crop yield, quality and added value. To regulate the specific genes that affect the production value factors such as the yield or flavor of the plant, it is a good competitive niche to grow high-altitude tea at a low altitude or to develop high-priced flavored coffee, and even extend the harvest period or earlier harvest period. Please review the attached documents for our product portfolio in details, also welcome to visit our website at Promoting natural non-toxic pesticides & natural fertilizers is a conscience undertaking. In addition to creating a non-toxic food safety environment, the contribution to the health of the whole people is a topic that cannot be ignored. Being a member of the global village is the best time to take responsibility and exercise moral courage. Please do not hesitate to contact us if any queries on our product portfolio, awaiting your quick response and invite your join into our sales team. To improve this environment, start here!


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Linknoweed (innovation Natural Organic Herbicide) supply
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