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"GÜLERCE KİMYEVİ MADDELER TİC.SAN.LTD.ŞTİ was founded in the mid-1970s by Mr. Erdinç GÜLERCE who is our founder. Erdinç GÜLERCE who brought the spreader-adhesive first to our country, then produced Leaf and Drip Fertilizers, and today we have produced our own production 100% Specific and Organic products and offered them to the service of Turkish agriculture. .Engiz GÜLERCE and R.Gündüz GÜLERCE are proudly waving this flag with the motto of% 100 TURKISH MALI. We know that Turkish Agricultural Engineers are as diligent and ambitious as their foreign counterparts and that they are not imported but are We are writing MADE IN TURKEY   Our Most Important Values; 1) To introduce our products in the best way by participating in Domestic and Non-Agricultural Agriculture Fairs. 2) To conduct informative meetings with farmers and pesticides. 3) Providing technical support to our farmers with our experienced, professional agricultural engineers. 4) Continuous trial (demostration) to run. 5) To deliver our products on time and in place We only produce specific products! .. A) NANO TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTS, 100% HERBAL ORIGINAL RAW MATERIALS .. B) MANUFACTURING FROM RAW MATERIALS TO FULLY MATERIALS C) PRODUCTION OF KOSET, SEA AND KINETIN IN GREEN COLOR .. D) UNACTIVE MICROELEMENT FERTILIZERS (COMBITAR, MICROMAX). E) UNIQUE SOLUTIONS AGAINST OUTSIDE HOT AND OVER COLD STRESS .. F) SYNTHETIC PRODUCTION WITH NO RAW MATERIAL .. G) EXPERIENCE FROM 1978 .. H) FASON PRODUCTION FOR COMPANIES ... I) VERY NEAR 25% FREE AMINOACIDE PRODUCTION (LIQUID) .. AND OTHERS........"


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