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"Gültekinler; With a professional team of experts in each area of ​​production and modern technology in automotive air conditioning products are among the leading companies in Turkey. The company was established in 1956 in Konya. water cooling radiators and heater cores for motor vehicles starting with small-scale production, the company has grown rapidly after 1996'yıl manufacturer in Turkey has reached a leader in its field. Gültekinler; It has an indoor area of ​​12 thousand m² and an open area of ​​18 thousand m². We offer products to various OEM and Aftermarket customers with a wide range of products, product groups include Tractor air conditioning heating and cooling systems, engine water cooling systems, engine water cooling radiators and hydraulic oil coolers. Gültekinler; that as the most important automotive air-conditioning company in Turkey, as required by the customer's expectations and needs of the industry sector is modernized in accordance with the requirements of the world. Gültekinler; As a family company, the company has revised its position in the sector and revised it in line with the realities of the sector and customer expectations by aiming to achieve excellence in all processes. In this context, the company closely monitors all the developments required by the sector in the world in line with its determined strategic targets and will continue its sectoral journey with the aim of catching new dimensions with each passing day. Gültekinler; As a result of intensive work, customer-oriented projects, knowledge, experience and expertise in mold manufacturing technology, world standards can follow the level of consciousness and has achieved the level. Customer-focused projects have always proven the privilege of both cost and quality features. Turkey and presented to our many customers around the world and has been approved. Gültekinler; He also develops close dialogue and cooperation with the client through all of his colleagues. As a result of this process, sectoral interests and cooperation have been made in the name of leading the sector in solidarity and cooperation with the worldwide leaders of the sector. Gültekinler is taking firm steps towards becoming a leader organization that is capable of contributing to the welfare and development of humanity, pioneering, creating value, contributing to the welfare and development of mankind, using the resources in the most efficient way, and adhering to the rules of corporate and ethical principles, and having an infinite life in universal dimensions. Our aim is uşak to provide innovations in the taste of the past that improves the quality of life along the generations Ama Gültekinler; TS EN ISO 9000 Quality Management System and CE standards continue to pursue excellence."


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