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"Guney Sera, greenhouse manufacturing and installation sector has been serving our valued customers since 1983. Our company has a capacity of 500 acres of modern greenhouse production and installation and has realized many important projects so far. It has made many contributions to the development of modern greenhouse by following the new developments in the sector closely. Guney Sera aims to ensure that our farmers, who produce under cover production, always grow together with technology. The primary objective of our company is to continuously monitor all technological developments in the greenhouse area; to produce new generation solutions that will give our farmers a competitive advantage. To maintain our image in the fast growing greenhouse sector, producing innovative, fast and economical solutions; human quality is the leading; quality products, quality services, the projects we have made the fastest and professional technical support to our investor is one of our main objectives."


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  • Authorized Person: Guney Seracilik

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Guney Sera

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