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"Güngör Agricultural Machinery Established in 1947 as a private company by İsmail Güngör at Malkara District of Tekirdağ, the company started its business life with the repair of agricultural tools and equipments as a small lathe workshop. Until 1960, he produced plows and various agricultural vehicles (trailers, etc.). Since 1970, it has been moved to Malkara Small Industry Site and has produced the Kasayağı, Ayçiçek Ekim Mabzeri, Buğday Ekim Mibzeri, Sunflower Harvesting Plant for harvesting for regional needs. In the 1990s, we started to produce with computer aided design CAD and computer aided CAM machines in order to respond to the technology that developed to our customers. In this sense, we have started to work on quality and export our company's products which are TSE, ISO, TSEK and CE certificates to many countries of the world . It has become the first Turkish company to export to Greece and Bulgaria in the sector by adopting leadership in the field of the company. Firma products are offered to its customers through dealers in Turkey, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Pankobirlikler, Ziraat Bank and private banks. "


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