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In recent years, the production and consumption of leaf fertilizers, liquid fertilizers and organic fertilizers have gained a great acceleration. Leaf fertilizers are effective when used in soil conditions where the factors such as arid climate, low organic matter, insufficient soil, high lime and alkaline reaction are used in the soil conditions where the factors limiting the plant food intake are widespread increases the product quantity and quality. Unidirectional fertilization and intensive agricultural production have caused plant nutrient deficiencies (nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, zinc and manganese) to occur very often in recent years. It is difficult to eliminate these deficiencies with normal fertilizers and thus production is reduced. In our country, micronutrient deficiencies in the conditions of soil fertilization is very difficult to remove or can not be removed. Therefore, fertilization of foliar fertilization is effective in the removal of these deficiencies. They are more economical than their losses like bathing and washing. Trade fertilizers used in agriculture only enrich the soil by plant nutrients and have a negative effect on physical and chemical structure. For this reason, organic fertilizers (stable manure, green manure, compost and humic acid) should be given to soil to improve the physical and chemical structure of soils. Organic fertilizers give the soil a good and balanced structure, as well as adapting various physical properties of the soil such as airing, heating and water retention. For these reasons, we need to fertilize the soil with organic fertilizers. However, it is difficult to find organic fertilizers that do not contain weeds or diseases that have completed their fermentation. As Güpaş, in parallel with the latest technologies, we have developed fertilizers, liquid fertilizers and humic acids that are unique to our country's agriculture and have presented them safely to the use of our country's agriculture.


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