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"October 29, 1923, between the Republic of Turkey establishing T.B.M.M.'s deputies; Ahmet Remzi Güres laid the foundations of the Güres Group in 1938 at a farm in Manisa Saruhanlı. Ahmet Remzi started the leadership mission of the Güres Group in the center of the egg factory of the Güres Group with the chicken farm founded by Saruhanlı with 600 chicken in 1963. Farm farming, fruit growing, cattle breeding facility is still in progress and 1963, the group that represents the birth and official establishment of Güres Group, started to produce corn, wheat, grape and cotton. In 1985 Güres Feed Factory was established with a capacity of 5000 tons / hour. With increasing production, a total of 25,000 tonnes of ham material stock was added to the integrated facilities with 9 dosing silos of 90 tons since 1998. In 1989, Güres became the beginning of organic fertilizer activities. With the investment of the Organic Fertilizer Plant, the fertilizers obtained from the hens in the group's plants were processed and the powder or honeycomb forms were brought to the market where the agricultural and greenhouse sector sectors were present for the packaging of sack packaging. In 1997, breeding and incubation facilities were established for chick production. In the mentioned facilities, the use of the field in long-lasting genetic areas and wide area is very good, the production of a white Leghorn type al Bovans White en chicks with open and obedient character, which can give clear and high quality products and can be selected from different types of feathers, started. Güres Group, 37 years in 2000 and the experience and accumulation of technology in the transportation took. Thus, Güres Poultry Technology Machinery Industry and Foreign Trade LTD. Sti. under the name; For the best breeding of laying hens, fully automatic management and feeding, fully automatic egg and full automatic fertilizer collection systems are available in the production of cages. The year 2002 was the year of Güres Viola Factory. Viola types prepared in the factory were made possible to reach the customers in the most appropriate way. In 2008, Güres Poultry Technologies moved to Manisa Saruhanlı's new factory according to more modern production with increasing chicken cage demands. Güres Group, which set its wedding dress in 2012, added new products and Güres Quail Eggs Production Plant, which has quail eggs production and quality and healthy conditions, was established. Wrestling Facility with refinement Group is Turkey's largest manufacturer of design and quail eggs. In 2012, another important country for the Güres Group was the start of the pasteurized Liquid Egg Production Facility. The list of state-of-the-art equipment brought from abroad, a high-level production facility and a very clean and hygienic production facility building facility, with derece human health p prioritization, began to make pasteurized egg production of 60 tons today. In 2014, the developing and ever-changing Güres Organic Fertilizer Plant moved to new and more modern facilities. In 2015, Güres Packaging Facility, which is located in İshakçelebi, is operating in order to provide better service to its customers with its increasing production facility. Turkey's largest and displaced, has become one of Europe's largest quail quail meat plants Wrestling Plant, began operations in the year 2016. Automation system used in the plant and high technology, European standards started to be produced. Güres Group, adding the annexer, plans to clarify the success of its increasing capacities. With 54 years of experience and know-how, Güres Group has continued to grow and become one of the pioneers of the Turkish industrial sector."


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