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"In 2005 İzmir / TURKEY which was founded in the electricity sector SECURE ENERGY firm with nearly 20 years practice experience with expert staff and infrastructure, operates in the electronics and energy sectors. Currently, R & D, manufacture, import, export in all regions of Turkey to certain technical, commercial, etc. offers all services. Quality Turkey and the whole world 'in which the principle of home to provide ethical and quality service with products approved SAFE ENERGY technical and commercial user satisfaction in all the work and is the ideal solution based targets and for this purpose each project endeavors to create technically appropriate and economical solutions to meet the needs . SECURITY All kinds of materials, devices, systems etc. demands; technical consultancy, including project design, marketing, continuity of the stock for the projects, wholesale and / or retail sales, technical service, installation, pre-sale and after all services, complete turn-key offers. Ups (Online and Line Interactive), Inverter (FullSynus, Modified Sine Wave, Battery Operated, Solarve On-Grid), Generator (Gasoline, Diesel and Natural Gas), Converter, SMPS Power Supply, Battery (Stationary, NickelCadmium, GEL, AGM, Starter, Marine, Solar, etc.), High Voltage Protection Socket, Wind Tribune, Solar Systems (PV) and all the fasteners used in these systems are the main systems that SAFE ENERGY is selling. Since 2007, GUVENLİ ENERJİ accelerated its activities on Renewable Clean and Environment friendly energy systems; It also promotes public disclosure and informing its customers and recognizing that contributing to this sector is a responsibility. Closely following the latest technological developments, GÜVENLİ ENERGY prefers products with long service life and high reliability in all demands and projects. All the products it uses have been brand in their industry."


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