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In line with the demands of our farmers; It has started to manufacture new products such as Trailer, Tanker, Feed Machine, Milking Machine, Roller, and is currently manufacturing 19 types of products. Our quality products, abundant and economical spare parts, fast and uninterrupted service network and a wide dealer network spread all over the country have become a preferred brand for our farmers. We know that it is our duty to serve our farmers with our better quality and new product range by following the innovations required by technology and age. Güvenal Export has also been one of the leading companies in its sector. Our export efforts to Arab, Middle East, Balkan and African countries and Turkic Republics are continuing. It is our biggest goal to increase the region and countries we export to, to generate income for our country's economy and to be a brand sought abroad. GÜVENAL In 2002, it has stepped into a new sector outside the agricultural sector and started the production of Solid Waste Systems and Landscaping Products. In this sector, it offered garbage containers, waste baskets, crucibles, benches and decorative environmental products to the users. GÜVENAL Started its business life in 1970 with the motto "If your choice is quality, it is indisputable", it has been successfully continuing its business life for 38 years.


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