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"which continues its activities THE HANOVER SEED & FERTILIZER and the commercial success she achieved, as well as farmer-friendly practices, quality, operational standards and leading practices as well to keep the industry in a prestigious location with a large number of quality completed the firmamızbirbir with the services and products in one site HANOVER SEED & GÜBREI is one of the main features that separates its competitors. Our company has more than meets the manufacturer's requirements and the principle of structure to support farmers who go in ahead of the competition by understanding and strengthen its position in the market is a little more each day. SEED & FERTILIZER IN HANOVER, today the volume of business, product / service offerings and market share of Turkey is trying to enter one of the biggest companies in its field. HANOVER SEED & FERTILIZER, they continue their activities in the field of fertilizer Among them are the leading chemical fertilizer .This Organic Fertilizers, Fertilizers organomineral, Liquid Fertilizers and Fertilizer Drip is followed respectively. Our total of 500 dealers and customers across Turkey to various countries including Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco Bangladesh abroad is available. sees the development of the multi-faceted agriculture as a process and this process in the effective role of adopting HANOVER as company policy SEED & FERTILIZER farmers' welfare and promote agricultural activities of the efficiency and quality to come to the position it deserves in the economy believe in the need must be upgraded in about that farmers are always available information. The aim of our company in 2020 in Turkey granular NPK fertilizer is to be in the Top 10."


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