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"Our company was founded in 1946 by our father Recep YILMAZ in Agri province Tutak district in order to serve the agricultural equipment of the period. In 1955, taking into account the needs and demands of the region, the city of Muş moved to the town of Malazgirt began to produce small-scale agricultural tools and machinery. With the developing technology, our company has renewed itself and continued its development. Since our company always aims for quality, we have competed in quality with our European competitors in every period. Because our country's farmers have the right to use quality and modern agricultural machinery was our only belief. Since 1990, he moved to Istanbul and still continues his production in Istanbul. Our main activity is mowers and grass harrows. Besides, it produces original spare parts, Automotive reflections, Shelf systems, Special purpose machines etc. for Tractor Factories. In 2009, in order to provide first-hand service to our farmers, we opened our Factory Store in Erzurum.      Therefore, what we should have done to improve the quality, we will continue to do. What we do is the guarantee of what we do. It is our honor to serve you farmers with its extensive service network and spare parts. What we do and what we do is the foundation of our entrepreneurial responsibility for future generations."


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