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"Has seedlings, 12 acres was founded in 2000 to serve the seedling sector. The rapid increase in demand in the market in a short period of seedlings, in order to meet the increasing demand of our farmers and dealers as we have expanded our production Has seedlings. We make seedling production is currently 25 acres of indoor space. Over forty million standard seedling can produce ten million grafted seedlings. meet the demands of our customers and their needs in the best way to improve the quality and production in line with demand, we started production in 2004 and grafted seedlings in our country, we have one of the pioneers of grafted seedlings production. Currently we provide our company agriculture engineer 7 5 Our expert team total of 30 people, including the agricultural technician and service with our 150-person production team. Since its inception never on time without compromising on quality is our principle, the right to produce healthy seedlings and name. Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront for us. "


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