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"About Hasat Plastik Hasat Plastik is excited to share its knowledge and experience with its esteemed customers over 20 years of production. Since the day it was founded, our company has a team of experts in production of rope and plastic. serves as a field of activity to the agricultural sector and produces Agricultural Rope Types, Bee and Shading Tulles, Insects for Seedling Cultivation. Open 17.000 m² Covered 10.000 m² facility area, our company focused on customer satisfaction and aimed to be a leader in the sector and made these principles a vision. Hasat Plastik is thrilled to transfer our customers with 20 years of production. The company is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of agricultural products. Harvest Plastic is producing; Types of agricultrural twine, Bee and Shading. In the factory, there are 10,000m2 closed area of ​​the plant and 17.000m2 opened area."


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