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"Our company has started to provide service with manufacturing of plastic mould injection in Konya 2007 and enlarged its production range with rotational plastic manufacturing in 2008 and continues its production. Although less time has passed since its foundation date, it has presented great developments and innovations in production and approached one step closer to its goal to be leader and pioneer organization in this sector. It has started plastic manufacturing with products for stockbreeding sector. It produces vertical and horizontal water tanks, ornamental pool for parks and gardens, benches as well as non freezing drinking bowl which does not freeze until -35 C, water tanks, cribs, single and multiple calf houses for ovine and bovine Also in 2011 we founded a new plant for meeting raw material requirements based upon requests which will come from our customers who have powder raw material and for meeting our raw material requirement. Raw material which in granular form is turned into powder rawmaterial in our Micronize/grinding unit. Suitable and qualified mould manufacturing is made in our mould room which is equipped with latest technology based upon requests of our customers. Our factory consists of four main departments such as; MOULD ROOM DEPARTMENT, Plastic injection and rotation mould unit PRODUCT PRINTING DEPARTMENT plastic injection and rotation printing unit TEST VE MONTAJ BÖLÜMÜ MICRONIZE/GRINDING AND CRUSHING DEPARTMENT There are Hard Ford vertical processing center in mould room bench, universal lath, moulder milling machine, hydraulic press, radial driller, erosion gas metal arc welding machines in mould room bench park, 1 HAITAN plastic injection machine in product processing department, 420 gr 2 pieces double lever rotation machine, polyurethane gun, test experiment department in test/assembly department, Crushing machine, micronize screen, packaging unit in micronize/mill unit Our young, dynamic and experienced employees closely follow the developments in Turkey and world market, grows technologic development of our company rapidly and they are able to meet orders rapidly. Our company will continue to serve for you with best manner for long periods. MISSION HASBEK PLASTİK works accordingly with team spirit and superior mission consciousness and combines present technology with their own experience and presents product on time with requested amounts based upon discussions made with customers. To produce by considering the quality as principle, to be innovative, to provide product diversity by using technology and market research and to get into new markets. To work customer oriented. To provide employee satisfaction, success and continuous improvement are our mission. OUR VISION Our goal as HASBEK PLASTİK is to do all works correctly at first time, to produce qualified works with lowest costs. To improve product diversity and quality and to provide customer satisfaction by reliability and high business ethics. Continuously improving market share. Leading organization in sector by all products and services provided in sector. To work for our country and to be most successful, most innovative, most prestigious company and be name which come to the mind first. OUR QUALITY POLICY As HASBEK PLASTİK to do all our works at first time, correctly and without loss. To increase number of our customers by introducing our products with best manner by means of our active marketing teams, to form effective sales after services, to minimize customer complaints related to our products. To follow changing and developing technologies in our activity area and provide their applicability to our company. To improve knowledge and skill of our employees by continuous training."


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