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"ABOUT US We, as Hatko Group of Companies, serve in fields of Dairy Equipment, Synthetic Grass, Construction and Housing Projects which we were expertized since the year of 1985. Having 33 years of experience, we feel proud and content as we have undertaken various domestic or international projects. Having extended goals and aiming to be a worldwide brand we have never given concession from quality and our profound belief on our people. we became a worldwide brand where we represent our country whilst our export operations to 79 countries worldwide. We share the proud and joy with people of our country on that we have been nominated to Guiness World Record by having completed our world’s largest synthetical grass project. By the year 2014, we have started to produce Cow Mattresses / Calf Hutches and Cow Comfort Brushes to create comfort, efficiency. ""Just Use it"""


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Hatko Calf Hutch supply
Hatko Animal Automatic Brush Feed supply
Animal Bed HP supply
Animal Bed H4 supply
Animal Bed H3 supply
Animal Bed H2 supply
Animal Bed B1 supply

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