"Founded in 1987, HEKAGRO, from leading international firms Pesticides and logged in to the sector as Cukurova distributor of hybrid vegetable seeds space and 2003, the US agriculture industry leading seven companies, is engaged in Turkey and Southern Europe and North Africa distributor. At the same time, it continues to expand its field of work by importing licensed varieties in order to gain new citrus varieties from America to our country. HEKAGRO not only brings products together with its valued customers, but also continues to serve and serve customers in technical field works with its experienced Agricultural Engineer staff. HEKAGRO maintains its activities in the Mediterranean Region, Central Anatolia Region, Marmara Region, Black Sea Region, South East Anatolia Region and Aegean Region at full speed. HEKAGRO has been recognized in the agricultural sector in a short time thanks to the importance it attaches to quality and its determination to achieve the challenge from the first day it was founded. The firm's constant principles are always; has been quality service and reliability. HEKAGRO will continue to serve the agricultural sector by growing in the sector today and in the future."


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