"Hektaş; It formed the majority of doctors in 1956, chemists, pharmacists and was established for the production and marketing of human pharmaceuticals they combine with savings of agricultural engineers in Adana. he decided to seek a high market share to the owners because that is the main activity in pesticide production and marketing of domestic and foreign large companies under the conditions of the day it was founded, the human pharmaceuticals sector and in this context, Istanbul Walnut in 1962 until it has established its first production facility. Today, on-site; automotive, cement, iron and steel, food, chemical, finance and 90 close companies operating in the service sector and one of Turkey's largest industrial group with approximately 30 thousand employees, OYAK entered into between Hektaş's partners in 1963 and 1981 in case it became the largest partner with 53.8% share. After OYAK partnership Hektaş opened to the public in 1981, shares began trading in 1986 Istanbul Stock Exchange. Years as Hektaş the result of a leading position in its sector, begin to not respond to the factory needs in Cevizli, so the construction of the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone in 1991, completed high capacity shifted to modern facilities. Hektaş many years in the agricultural sector for his work as a result gained the brand awareness in the industry leadership, extensive sales and distribution network, veterinary drugs and decided to use in the industry began to sell veterinary medicines, as of 2005. Our company's product portfolio in our country there are more than 25 veterinary medicine and ecological structure with more than 350 products suitable for a variety of pesticides and fertilizers. In this way, it is a leader with the widest product range in the agrochemicals sector. Our company is marketing and selling of products is provided by 7 regional offices in the province, as well as 5 regional office has representation on the basis of veterinary medicines sales organization is carried out. Our company is developing its existing product range, according to the manufacturer of the needs and expectations of people, respecting the environment and nature, it gives a special attention to appropriate products to organic and good agricultural practices. the scope of research and development activities to be added to the product portfolio of innovative medicines, formulation and improvement of differentiation is of great importance. HEKTAŞ; Besides drug production with the world's leading crop protection company it has established strategic partnerships. HEKTAŞ; ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management and ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certificate. Quality certificate, the 59-year history HEKTAŞ design shows the system quality has reached the production and installation phase. HEKTAŞ, ""Doctor of Agriculture"" slogan, plant and animal knowledge in the field of health and sustainable agricultural production with existing products in our country is a partner in the agricultural sector. İşletmeler için Google ÇeviriÇevirmen Araç SetiWeb Sitesi ÇevirmeniGlobal Pazar Fırsatları Aracı"


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