Hidrokontrol A.S. has been founded by Mr.Hasan Hüseyin ERGENÇ in 1989 in Ankara. Hidrokontrol A.S., during its journey in business life, has taken a place amongst Turkey's Leader Motion and Control Technologies Solution Partners by taking the right steps while following the global changes and developments closely. As of today, Hidrokontrol A.Ş. is carrying on its activities with %100 success rate in Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Electronics. Hidrokontrol A.Ş. maintains conformity with International Norms in Engineering Services, Project and Complete System Design, Product Sales, After Sales Services, Spare Parts and all other activities while consolidating wide product range and customer oriented service philosophy. Hidrokontrol A.S. increases its Employer Brand Value continuously by improving employees with various trainings and organizations. Hidrokontrol A.S., continues its path as a professional and reliable enterprise thanks to its work ethics and values and represents its country with honor all over the world.


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