"Our company has the latest technology in Konya in 3000 M ² area has been producing machines. Win an annual capacity of 3000 units have been operating in different sizes. Industrial facilities and homes for heating or industrial manufacturing various products used in other purposes. Our products are available CE certificate since 2006. First stage in the sector 1 Eregli Iron and Steel known as Grade 17MN4, ST372, HII A1 quality materials and products used in processed hair.Stress relief products, all manufactured products used in the boiler tube is hot nolmalize revised by our team of experts are sold through various tests. Having extensive service network, after sales services and customer satisfaction, the highest rate of disruption to supply all our efforts by our team of experts, our services and continue to provide the best service to our customers bayilerce.Best regards."


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30.000 KCAL / H Stoker Boiler supply

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