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"HMS, one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery sector in Konya, was established in 1977 by Şerafettin ÖZDEMİR and Mustafa ÖZDEMİR brothers under the name of HATUNSARAYLI in Konya. In those days, HMS, horse plow, boxed Vanvey and starting the mowing machine manufacturing markets of Turkey and tried to meet the needs of customers. In nearly 15 years, HMS has increased its product range and customer portfolio and moved to its place in 1993 in its current industrial zone. In these years, it started to expand its place in the market by producing active machines in agriculture. In the same years, HMS started to grow by making investments in new workforce, new machinery equipment, expanding production area and new technologies. A service network has been set up for after-sales services to the machines that have increased in the market. HMS, which served only domestic market until 2005, started to work actively in overseas markets starting from the beginning of two years. In the same years, HMS continued to produce with a more effective brand awareness in domestic and foreign markets. Since the beginning of the year 2000, HMS has been continuing to produce with its fertilizer spreaders, sowing machines (sowing machines) and pneumatic precision sowing machines. HMS in figures HMS, whose vision is mak To be a World Brand boya, produces agricultural machines in its production facility equipped with modern CNC controlled looms, robot welding technologies, wet and powder coating facilities with a total of 15.000 m² open and 10.000 m² closed area. About 40% of the products sold under the HMS brand are exported to 25 countries around the world and used successfully. It provides after-sales services to its customers with 57 authorized dealers in Turkey. It has a dealer network that can offer sales and after-sales services abroad. HMS attaches importance to cooperations with universities in R & D and P & D. Growing HMS HMS has set its next 10-year strategic growth plans and is progressing in line with its vision of muş Becoming a World Brand H. In the next 10 years, the company aims to expand its production capacity in larger markets. HMS has invested in Information Technologies in order to accelerate its institutionalization efforts."


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