HOLSAN Agricultural Tools and Machinery Industry Inc. Our sister company Ü. SAA was gökçeatam of which were imported from abroad since 1946 and as the only vendor that makes the spraying machines for sale in Turkey was established to manufacture in Turkey. on spraying machines it is the oldest and one of the leading companies in Turkey with 60 years experience. Tens of thousands of HOLSAN spraying machines have been appreciated by users with robustness at home and abroad, trouble-free operation and high spray performance. HOLSAN is a leading company that closely follows and applies the technological developments. 2. HOLSAN is the only brand sought in El Makina market. The piston type high pressure pumps manufactured by HOLSAN for 40 years are used in agriculture and industry. HOLSAN is manufacturing its modern facility in Gebze, Kocaeli with its closed area of ​​7100 m2 and it serves to our farmers with its experienced technical staff and good password.


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