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High quality gears made with pride in TURKEY. The leader differential and differential parts manufacturer of Turkey ! Our company Hatve Gear Industry Co. Ltd. with its headquarters located in Konya, Turkey is proud to provide the best quality & services, achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and supply widest selection of crown wheels and pinions for Automotive Industry on the condition of advantageous Turkish Industry since 1975. Our company has total 10,000 square meter facility. We produce Crown Wheel & Pinions for commercial vehicles, (trucks & buses especially for well-known European brands) Light Commercial vehicles (Minibus & van) automobiles, heavy-duty construction machinery and for agricultural vehicles. Beside our standard products for heavy-duty vehicles, we also produce special order CW&P for automobiles. We manufacture differentials and differentials parts for MERCEDES-BENZ, SCANIA, VOLVO, RENAULT, IVECO, DAF, IKARUS, MAN, HINO, MITSUBISHI, ISUZU, VW, TOYOTA, HYUNDAI, NISSAN, FORD, KIA, CAT, JCB, CARRARO, ZF, MERITOR-ROCKWELL, DANA-EATON, DANA-SPICER. We export the goods directly and indirectly via our distributors.The factory exports the goods to; Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Suria, Malaysia, Singapore, Kirghizistan, BAE, UAE, Morocco, Yemen, Palestine.


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