Husnu Kalyon Co.

"Since 1978 We have been serving on the selling are of irrigation products in many regions of TURKEY and international market. Our aim is to supply the products which are needed by the sector with suitable conditions and immediately. It is important that the pleasure of the customers and riveted trust."


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  • Authorized Person: Ali Erdem

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Husnu Kalyon Co.

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Our Products

Valve Box supply
U-PVC Pipe Fittings supply
Sprinkler Latched Valve supply
Sprinkler Latched Tee supply
Sprinkler Latched Pipe supply
Sprinkler Latched Elbow supply
Sprinkler Latched Base supply
Sprinkler supply
Sprinkler supply
Sprinkler supply
PVC Layflat Hose supply
Puncher for Drip Pipe supply
Pressure Reducing Control Valve supply
PP Compression Tee supply
PP Compression Coupling supply
PP Clamp Saddle supply
Plastic Screen Filter supply
Plastic Disc Filter supply
Plastic Air Release Valve supply
Manometer supply
Layflat Male Adapter supply
Layflat Coupling supply
HDPE Pipe supply
Dripper supply
Dripper supply
Drip Tee supply
Drip Mini Valve supply
Drip Mini T Valve supply
Drip Irrigation Pipe supply
Drip Connector supply
Butterfly Valve supply
Brass Ball Valve supply
Adjustable Sprinkler supply
1" PP M/F Valve supply

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