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Due to the use of excess fertilizers accumulate and layered in the soil nutrients (NPK) with microbial products are solved by removing the plant again. In doing so we feed the plant and rehabilitate the soil. Microbial and special products, plants, macro and micro nutrient elements and trace elements to suit their needs are presented in a balanced and balanced manner. We provide the soil to the natural balance by offering the beneficial organisms that have disappeared due to the use of dense chemical fertilizers in the soil. We destroy heavy metal and chemical drug accumulation in soil with the regenerative bacteria we use in our products. By protecting the harmful bacteria and fungi that live in the soil, we protect the plant against diseases and thus reduce the use of chemical drugs. Our plant nutrition products in the form of bio-feed, we provide 100% of the nutrients of the plant is provided by the way we are preventing environmental pollution. We reduce the use of base fertilizers by increasing the uptake of chemical fertilizers in our BİONUR ™ TD 19 soil conditioner. BİONUR ™ Microbial use of nitrogen in the air to connect the plant to reduce the use of nitrate. We provide a solution to the residual problem. Ihsan Organik Agricultural Products with 20% -50% increase in agricultural production, color of product, smell, taste, aroma, texture and so on. increase in quality characteristics, resistance to diseases and pests, increased product shelf life.


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