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"İlgün Süt Sağim Sistemleri was made by Fevzi İLGÜN in 1992 and is currently the general manager of Nazmi Başak İLGÜN. Company 1300m2 closed area, milk and dairy products in facilities serving indoor facilities, facilities, highway systems, automation systems, highway systems, highway systems, highway systems, highway systems, highway systems, highway systems, highway systems You have been interested 20 years ago Milk Milking Systems are available all over the world, Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and Far East regions provided by the efficient after-sales service has gained an unshakable experience and reputation. The company's research and development department is working for the latest technology products for testing and manufacturing devices in a corridor and on the other hand taking new products at international standards where the farmer is located. Our professional team members are looking for solutions to the problem of shoulder-to-shoulder problems with the farmer function and lead to the map in facilitating their work. It is able to combine experience and collaboration with this powerful, profitable, profitable and lasting value."


Ilgun Milking Systems, Companies in Turkey

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Ilgun Milking Systems

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Our Products

Standard Elevator Back Lock Milking System supply
Milk Cooling Tanks supply
Manuel Milkmeter Milking System supply
KSM 2/1 3T Sheep and Goat Milking Set supply
Head Locks supply
Calf Feeders 150lt supply

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