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"IMA Iron and Steel Construction Workshop was founded in 1974 with the efforts of DURMU┼× ALI UYSAL. Ima 1974 advancing the work in this area until 1982. In 1982 the DRIP IRRIGATION FILTER scope by adding MANUFACTURING Turkey was signed a policy. IMA Drip Irrigation Systems Manufacturing Industry has been branded in 1991 by documenting the quality of its products. The Turkish Standards Institute has obtained the Quality (TSEK) certificate and the Production Qualification Certificate. IMA operates on 4000 m2 closed area and the products that it manufactures are MILL FILTERS, DISC FILTERS, HYDROSICLONES FERTILIZER TANKS, TURBO FILTERS, JEWELRY TANKS, HYDROFOR TYPE FILTERS and JET FILTERS. As of 2006, IMA sells irrigation systems at 450 sales points and 15 sales points abroad. IMA has been developing and renewing itself continuously since 1982."


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