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"İMECE PLASTIC Inc. founded in 1989 is today, is Turkey's highest quality and most reliable greenhouse manufacturer. Turkey Agricultural Credit Cooperatives that the entire capital of our organization by İMECE PLASTIC belonging to Turkish farmers, greenhouse of an important entry as required by the manufacturer and the world Turkey offers a great professionalism farmers. The main activity area is agricultural film and also the annual production capacity of the packaging is 20.000 tons. TK PLASTİK A.Ş started its operations in 2009 with production capacity of 250 million meters with irrigation systems in AKSARAY OSB. In 2016, İMECE PLASTİK A.Ş and TK PLASTİK A.Ş joined forces under the umbrella of İMECE PLASTİK A.Ş. Today, as ANTALYA and AKSARAY Operation Management, we provide our farmers with the world standard in the field of greenhouse and irrigation systems production."


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