"Our company started its activities in 2005; stainless steel products and turnkey projects in food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors. Our company, which has a voice in the stainless sector in a short time, takes its power from the accumulation of years and from the understanding of quality and honest service. We are giving priority to customer satisfaction and quality as well as our success-oriented work with our young and dynamic staff kneaded with experience. For this purpose, INOKSTEK® A.Ş. Our company, which fulfills the requirements of the Quality Assurance System as of 01.03.2006, has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate and continues to do all necessary work to obtain the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate. As of 2007, our company started to supply stainless steel pipes, profiles, valves, fittings, tank covers, pumps, etc. in industrial norms and became one of the few suppliers in the sector. Headquartered in Izmir, INOKSTEK® Stainless Technologies Inc. It is opened to the world with WELLTECH® brand. The quality and delivery time of the centrifugal pumps, flexible propeller pumps, monopumps and spare parts offered to the industry with our WELLTECH® brand increased the desirability of our pumps. In 2007, WELLTECH® brand plates and filling machines were started to be produced in order to address olive oil and wine industries. With our experienced installation team, we are able to answer all aspects of the sector with all kinds of stainless material assemblies and automation projects prepared by our experienced engineers. We give nature to infinity and we are approaching to stainlessa with a different perspective."


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