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"The basis of our group of companies in 1923 Mustafa Nevzat Bey was established with the establishment of his own laboratory. Our group, which has been producing rigorous, careful and hygienic industrial production by producing pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical raw materials for many years, decided to enter the food sector in 1973 and opened the first Pakmaya plant in Izmit - Köseköy. Izmir in 1986. After the first factory - Gulab 'second, in 1990 Düzce - Cumayeri in our company established the third yeast factory, its first investment outside Turkey in 1998 was carried out in Romania in Paşcani. In all Pakmaya plants, production is carried out with computer controlled systems in accordance with the highest international hygiene and quality standards. With an experienced staff of approximately 1000 people and the most advanced technical equipment of the age, the company produces age, active dry and instant yeast varieties with an uncompromising understanding of quality. In July 2007, İntegro Gıda San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. was established with 100% domestic capital in order to realize Pakmaya, which is the third in the world, in agriculture and animal husbandry. and Tic. A. Ş. It was established. İntegro Gıda San. and Tic. A. Ş., Aims to adapt Pakmaya's knowledge on fermentation to the agriculture and livestock sector; in a short time with the original and memorable products and feed additives in the feed industry has signed various revolutions."


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