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We are a company specializing in producing high quality fruit and vegetable storage containers for storages around the world. The quality of wood, construction and modern production technology makes our wooden boxes possible to be used for 15 or more. Wooden boxes are one of the most important elements of a storage – the success of the project often depends on the choice of the right supplier and certainly the profits you will achieve in the long run. By ordering InterAgra wooden boxes, you can be sure that your products will have good air circulation and that the design will be adapted to the appropriate ventilation system, also that boxes will be made from the highest quality raw material from Northern Europe’s forests and will be delivered to even the farthest corners of the world. We encourage you to make yourself acquainted with our offer.


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“z” Type Wooden Boxes supply
Wooden Constructions For Special Ventilation Systems supply
Wooden Boxes Nl – Forced Ventilation System supply
Wooden Boxes Nl Standard supply
Wooden Box For Fruits And Vegetables supply
Other Wooden Boxes supply
Nl – Airbag System Wooden Boxes supply
Metal Cases supply

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