"As Interhas Animal Health, we have the vision that, always follow the innovations in the sector and be a company that increases the confidence of our customers that they give us with every product we offer. For this reason, while determining the products that we offer to the market in Turkey, we analyze the needs and expectations of market with our 35 years experience and make decisions accordingly. We are pursuing sectoral developments and innovations around the world and working to pioneer new applications in Turkey. We are proud to have followed the GMP standards since the first day of our establishment, which were legally became compulsory in Turkey in 2016. We attach importance to animal health and welfare, and therefore to human health, and we determine the products we offer in the direction of these principles. We take utmost care to ensure that all necessary standards are met during the delivery of our products to veterinarians. We consider our customers satisfaction as a priority. As Interhas Animal Health family, we aim to provide our suppliers and customers with the best service possible. For this reason we are followers of scientific and technological developments all over the world."


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