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With our 10.000 square meter factory in Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone , with a strong production machinery park, experienced and innovative team, we are working and producing for the farmers in Turkey and for the farmers World wide. We produce projects, solutions, machines and equipment that will benefit our valuable farmers in their production by not only carrying out the research and development activities within our own facility; but also pursuing the technological developments in the world and incorporating the innovations of world brands. • We ensure the modernization of existing and operated farms to make them more competitive and sustainable. • We design and implement new investments that are profitable, sustainable and in line with the growth targets and give importance to giving them the essential support which they need to operate. Our main mission is to increase the farmers productivity and add value to their products with our projects, solutions, machinerys and equipments that we offer. We are guiding the farmers to access agricultural grants, credits to finance their new investment, capacity expansion or modernisation. We continue on our way excitedly to reach more farmers in Turkey and in the World and to add more value to their products by increasing R & D activities we undertake and not contenting the experience we have.


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Intermilk Milking & Farm Technologies

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Mobile Milking System supply
Cow Milking Machine ( One Milking/ One Bucket) supply
Cow Brushes supply
Cattle Crush supply

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