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"Our country has extremely favorable conditions in fruit cultivation with its climatic conditions and it has an important share in fruit cultivation in the world. Our country's farmers have succeeded in taking the first place with the response to this demand. As IRGE FİDANCILIK we are proceeding in the same direction with you and in beautiful works. in İnegöl district. The fast growing fruit growing in our country, we are continuing to support the market with the right genera and diseases and damage-free saplings as İRGE FİDANCILIK. It has been observed that the richness of the gardens has been increased and enriched with the multiplication of the gardens that have been prepared correctly. This richness has been observed in our region especially in our region. We think that the Japanese series of plum, apple and pear have a great contribution to the market. At the same time, the variety of apples from the American and Australian origin has been seen. In our country, we anticipate to continue to grow in the market in the coming years by taking our place in the effort to grow our products to our farmers, good luck, we wish plenty of fruitful earnings."


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