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"Founded in 1993, our company pesticides in agriculture, seed, while working on fertilizer and drip irrigation systems in 1997 İrhal Agricultural Tourism and Civil STI a corporation under the name of Agriculture, Garden, Construction, Irrigation, Hardware and many machines and spare parts in addition to the products that have sold service and spare parts has gained a secure place in the industry by providing the service. Our company, which provides scholarships to students studying at the university every year in social responsibility but also agricultural products, promotion and marketing for organized every year, '' Seferihisar tangerine provide financial support to several foundations and associations that operate for the benefit of my yapmaktadır.topl the Festival's sponsorship. Visual, to promote the new products enter the market with promotional items besides writing and social media ads are quoted in an active way and kullanıcam the necessary skills and knowledge about it.  And a company that targets do not always see happy consumers in all areas. We deem this in the literal sense of the consumer relationship as a single strategy. With each passing day, and increasing our service quality, both to our users, we continue our work, showing respect for social-ecological living. In order to move the industry in customer satisfaction among leading companies where our larger goal-oriented work we try to increase our principle and our credibility. Our expertise in the market, and our experience has given many years of young and dynamic people, our strength, our infrastructure is renewed every day, according to your needs, our esteemed partners with local branch offices we strive to serve by offering solutions. All together better tomorrow and fertile soil in our days to attain our production is abundant hope ..."


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