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"ABOUT US Covering life Sera was established in 1969 in order to produce plastic, plastic products. Sera Plastik has been focusing on the production of agricultural film since 2000. All kinds of agricultural films (greenhouse covers, solarization and mulch films, silage covers, heat curtains) and agricultural packaging products (fresh vegetables and fruit bags, seedling production bags, silage bags) , landless agricultural bags production in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, 12.500m2 of which is located in a total closed area of ​​55.000m2.   Manufacturing technology is the industry leader in the application of plastic greenhouses with his co-extrusion film production lines investment in 2006 was the first agricultural company engaged in film production in Turkey on 3 floors.   Our principle is to offer the same product variety and service quality to our customers of all sizes whether it is an amateur level producer or a professional level farm enterprise.   Since 1969, we have provided our users with accurate results in the value chain through our experience in film processing, our expert staff and the new generation technology we use in production, with product improvements for efficiency.   We are aware of our responsibility to continue to contribute to the future of the contribution we provide to the agriculture."


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