"about us our story Performing production in Konya, Turkey and deliver their products in almost every company managers instead of İyikoyunc İyikoyunc brothers Ali and Mahmoud gave information about the production.   Our company has been producing agricultural irrigation fittings since 1973, and our company has always been next to the Turkish farmer with its experience and quality without any concessions. As a company, we stand behind every product we produce and make production without compromising on quality. They said that our valuable Turkish farmer follows and prefers our products.   Iyoyoyuncu brothers, who give information about the variety of production, produce hundreds of products to be used in different fields. we deliver our products to our customers with our dealers and sales points selling agricultural materials. Our product range is as follows: hair clapper, sheet flap filter, drilling flap, centrifugal flap, sprinkler motopomp fasteners, casting, elbow, t, nipple, sleeve, rejection, camel neck, intermediate valve, fertilizer tank, sprinkler forks, spiral absorbent hoses and extension pipes manufacturing.   We agree with a lot of our industry related trade fairs in Turkey thanks to more closely we find the possibility to present our products to our customers. We will be proud to come together with our customers and dealers in Konya Agriculture Fairs where the agriculture sector will come together. Join the family of those who prefer Icerical Agricultural Irrigation Fittings for efficient drip irrigation ..."


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