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"The world's largest micro-irrigation we provide our company a total of 16 production facilities in 76 countries and 64 offices in the 44 years adding value to our agricultural sector. We are not a typical micro-irrigation company. As a family we stepped into the agricultural sector of farmers have been operating in many areas today. Over the years, technological irrigation ago to make and sell products, we began to develop irrigation projects, and later, you can purchase products that educate farmers, we entered into juice production and marketing. so much in agriculture is because we wear different hats that have multiple perspectives on agriculture in many areas and the ""experts"" as we are perceived. Agriculture holistic approach, our environmental commitment, our team of experts, knowledge and experience of years, giving support to quality and the latest technology with our products our farmers more efficient and intelligent agriculture do we provide them to obtain high yields and profits. All our operations and our products, our commitment to nature and the consequences of which we are conscious activities for the protection of valuable resources. "


JaIn  Sulama   Sistemleri, Companies in Turkey

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JaIn Sulama Sistemleri

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