"Founded in 1988, JANTSA that, to this day, Turkey has become one of the giants of the industry with more than 2,000 dealers across the organization. Honest to its customers, it is taking a disciplined and serving the dynamic corporate identity which will surely JANTSA. Since its establishment, the TSA JANTSA its own products - the ISO-9000, Turkey has undertaken the delivery of world-class branded the JANTSA wheels. Tubeless rim and vans, trucks, buses, agricultural groups are the kinds of products and construction equipment wheels. Again, that makes a world brand MATADOR tires JANTSA the Turkey distributor. Standard performance, light commercial, serving for many years successfully and superior performance in Turkey MATADOR road with heavy-duty tires. Offering convenient alternative to the final consumer at a competitive price structure JK tires is another product in JANTSA the distributor. Cloth and radial light commercial, heavy-duty tires are the JK variety of products. Also JANTSA, light commercial and heavy-duty group in the Dneproshina, business machines and forklifts group also serves the wholesale brand named BKT throughout Turkey. which is another valuable global brand and the JANTSA Dunlop tires in 2008 and has added to the distribution list REGAL produced tires for technology. Finally, in 2008, taking the distributor of JANTSA Barez has provided the opportunity to choose tires for the needs of its customers."


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