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"Kadıoglu Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey's olive harvesting machines and automatic (sensory) is the first company specializing in diameter machines. Founded: 1975 Founded as a two-stroke engine maintenance with few supplies in 1975 Kadıoglu Machine after a while seeing the high cost of spare parts started to manufacture parts of the motor scythe. Over time, increasing the diversity manifests itself in motor spare parts industry scythe Kadıoglu family first agricultural machine manufacturing starts with gasoline powered farm machinery. This is one of the first machine of its time in Turkey. Kadıoglu Machine: 2016 Today ""Professional Standards"" quality and high-tech machine park with machines and spare parts production that, with exports to 22 countries Kadıoglu machine always prefer pioneering and innovative products. Kadıoğlu, the olive harvest, harvest walnut, almond harvest, harvest apricots, pistachio harvest, harvest cherries, oranges, fruit trees such as apple trees is an expert on shake shake machines and machines for collecting the harvest. new harvesters and the manufacture harvest allows you to efficiently and quickly, minimizing labor costs. Feeler (sensitive sensor) bond well with the garden hoe hoe six machine with weed spraying machines, which reduces the cost and trouble of weeding labor. feeler disc harrows and the manufacture on this issue, dwarf garden mowing machines are the machines most demanding vineyards and orchards. 2014 branch mulcher production with the tractor increase employee machines diversity with the shaft Kadıoglu Family, Hedgehog Bottom Olive Collection Appliance, Umbrella Common, walnut peeling machine, fly trap, making the production of economic products such as bee traps are also aiming to increase users and the daily work capacity of the company. dealers and their customers demand at the beginning of 2016 has begun to increase diversity on imported products. Volpi Rechargeable Shears, Fruit Presses and Paste Making Machine tools are being imported for this purpose and equipment. New anyone Severin Kadıoglu machine always new, nor a national economy and dynamic company to made has chosen innovative products can contribute to that ... Kadıoglu Family is a pioneer in many products that make the production in time to work on this principle, different social and commercial relations. We are ready, willing Young engineers, eager staff, dynamic marketing team. Kadıoglu service and innovation always ready. "


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