Karabulut Tarim Makina

"Khan Machinery company AUTHORIZED the Cavatina Khan Selcuk Khan (Production Engineer) Bursa Osmangazi district of the Fair Quarter Osmangazi Caddesi No: 72 Osmangazi / operates at a scholarship in the 2242571868 telephone Mk has been recorded in history Guide to 02/23/2015. Khan Machinery Companies operating in the sector in Osmangazi district is located in the most sought-ars companies in their sectors. Bursa Osmangazi district operating in Khan Machinery Trading industry visitors in 2015, has taken the lead in the industry by offering the best service. Khan Machinery Trading company official Cavatina Selcuk Khan-Khan (Production Engineer) as those who prefer working with us to meet the needs of all our customers needs today, tomorrow and we are committed to meet all the demands of the future.         "


Karabulut Tarim Makina, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Sabahattin Karabulut

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Karabulut Tarim Makina

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