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"Karas Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Industry. Ltd. Sti., Was established in 1984 to produce agricultural machinery. far from developing and growing organization with technical facilities and expert staff has made big steps in Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing. Quality of our company policy: ""Customer needs and expectations, by determining the best way is to ensure that our products and services to achieve the highest satisfaction."" ""Quality control is not had it produced."" the principle of self-learn motto of our organization for many years that placing Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing in the field ""Quality Reliability"", ""Protection of company reputation and maintain"" the idea of ​​running our company is everyone's responsibility. By following the developing technology, which reduces the cost of quality and efficiency next to the belief that it is a factor that increases the ""Protection of the Environment"" in one of our main goals. Karas agriculture, our farmers with the leading product quality meets the needs of agricultural machinery with great pride. Faculty of Agriculture in all products that have been developing and producing agricultural engineers test reports proved the accuracy and success in this field, taking Manufacturing Qualification Certificate. Karas Agriculture, today has the latest technology in the production of agricultural machines, CNC machine tools, machines manufactured by expert staff that is appropriate to the world of agriculture is the European standard. Thanks to the specialized technical personnel in our company opened in the world market, it has to keep up with international competition."


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Karas Tarim Makinalari

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