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"followed by the development plan implemented in 1960, the transition towards a global economy in the late 1980s and Turkey as a result of industrialization, industry, and have made great breakthroughs in advanced technology and machining industry has started growing with a rapid acceleration. Turkey in this period of change and development of the province situated between Eskisehir is most felt in the technology industry and has hosted many first. Indeed, Turkey's first car, the first locomotive, the first jet engine renewal, the first F-16 engine, the first helicopter parts, the first 4X4 commercial vehicle is manufactured in this city and the first high-speed trains are also made to Eskisehir. Here Karci the Cutting Tool Industry and Trade Limited Company, Eskisehir has become industrial and manufacturing center, 'carbide cutting tools' to produce, by our General Manager and CEO Mr. Ümit Gezer was founded in 1996. Thus Karci that has gone down in history as the first cutting tool manufacturer in Turkey. Organizations Karci prior experiences and innovative identity, have taken place in the sector in a short time and began to have a say in the cutting tool industry. The rise began with sharpening services, the needs of the industry with the equipment used in the production and continuous updating of technology that can meet literally 'international company' being extended to. Our company, carbide having the experience of high information capability and years of cutting tools, experts have made innovation policies and engineers to our esteemed customers, accompanied continues always accurate and activities to offer guaranteed products in quality team concept. At the point we have reached today, Karci Cutter Team San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. In the automotive and aerospace industries, as a strong organization that engaged in production machining services to all sectors of the defense industry, machinery industry, we continue to announce our name in the international arena. Karci the Cutting Tool, providing customer satisfaction with high technology, offering the highest precision quality products, which makes it possible for economic use in all areas and is an organization that holds open itself continually enhanced to produce specific solutions to your problems."


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