Karmod Kompozit

"Warehouse from leading and innovative power of the industry to the specific product solutions Karmod 1986 Karmod which began work in the production of polyester water tank in a modest workshop Plastics is a leading company that manufacture a wide range of products to private production of modern production facilities and warehouses that today reached. Karmod ready to perform the final production of raw materials for use in polyester and polyethylene plastic, environmentally friendly approach to its product range with the R & D activities is to continuously improve the form and quality. Karmod international standards, beneficial to humanity, is committed to customer satisfaction with the innovative and functional use in the production approach. To provide good quality with sustainable procurement mAlArlA production conducted with customers and aims at economic prices. the production of plastic products it Karmod are as follows; polyester and polyethylene water, acid and ready for industrial use, warehouses, polyester and polyethylene silos, site installation underground or above-ground tanks, calf booth, architectural lighting decorative pots and special products, marine bicycles, traffic, road barriers, textile cars. Karmod also automotive, private production companies, such as in the construction industry offers a solution partner."


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  • Authorized Person: Mammud Dogan

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Karmod Kompozit

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