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Kervanci Makina was established in 1995 as an engineering company involved in manufacturing of mechanical parts for construction machineries, also involved in overhouling and maintenance of hydraulic systems of such machineries. Since most of the hydraulic systems powered by the diesel engines we realized that overhoulig of hydraulics systems wouldn't be completed if the diesel engines is not working properly so, we decided to establishe a machine for overhouling and maintenance of diesel engines. Kervanci Makina also opened a branch in Adapazari in 1997 next to one of the biggest Air-Conditioning company in Turkey and started to manufacture plastic parts based on the molds supplied by the Company, meanwhile gave service for the maintanance and the repair of plastic molds. Due to increasing demand and our ambition to work in the field of renewable energy, we decided to move forward and invest on clean energy solutions. We are now capable of installing both on and off-grid wind turbine and solar PV systems specific to our customer requirements.


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