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KESSAN is one of the most well known trade mark on manufacturing Agricultural Treylers and Agricultural Machineries in Aegean Region and in Turkey. KESSAN was established by Mr.Mehmet KESKiN in 1978, and, today, is directed by Mr. Abdi KESKiN. We are giving effort to provide the newest and the best products to our farmers everyday by using our experiences over 40 years... We try to respond to the demands of our customers by bringing our efficiency and quality conditions to a continuous high level at our new factory, which has 7.000 m2 closed area and 2.000 m2 open area. With our experienced workers and our mass production machines we have built in a real factory environment, we will always be next to our farmers as it is now.


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  • Authorized Person: Abdi Keskin

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Kessan Trailer

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