Kilercioglu Tarim Tohumculuk

"Sales and after-sale technical service concept, our company has adopted the principle in December 2013 entered into active in Izmir.               of companies that we do Distiributor U.S., Germany, Italy, the product in its original packaging imported from countries like Spain, is a company established to perform more involved in product shelf valued reseller partners.               Izmir, Manisa, Aydın, Denizli, Muğla, Uşak, our dealers wholesale prices of farm plants located in Burdur, fodder seeds, vegetable seeds, grass seed, special drip fertilizer, pure fertilizer, specialty plant nutrition products for lawn areas with specific foliar fertilizers and fertilizer is a company in order to make procurement activities."


Kilercioglu Tarim Tohumculuk, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Salih Kilercioglu

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Kilercioglu Tarim Tohumculuk

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