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"As Kılıç Holding, we believe that a healthy nutrition is a right for everybody on earth and we know how important it is to have access to healthy protein. We have been working hard since 1991 to achieve this.. Our most important mission is contributing the growth of healthy generations with the fish we produce. For this purpose, we are investing perpetually and developing delicious and economic products for all people. We operate in our fully integrated facilities with a great environmental care. We believe that sustainable production is a must for a liveable earth. With this responsibility and awareness, we consider the reduction of carbon emmission in our production as very important. We believe that the drift towads renewable energy resoruces should be a priority in minimizin “Carbon Footprint”. We transform our current investments in Turkey and abroad according to this fact, and plan our future investments taking it into consideration. During our 25 years aquaculture journey that started from Bodrum, we have grown more than 1000 times. The export we make from Muğla to over 40 countries in 5 continents, have exceeded 100.000.000 $ With this excellent performance, we have become the leader in Marine and Animal Products export 5 times in a row. We are proud of our important contributions to Turkey, with the foreign currency we brought in and the taxes we paid. We also evaluate the investment opportunities abroad in order to take advantage of the logistic benefits towards the markets we export to. Following our previous investments in Italy, we recently invested in Albania and started to produce Rainbow Trout. We are among the pioneering companies in Europe and the leader of our industry in Turkey. “Additionally, we have the pride of holding the title “the biggest sea bream and Mediterranean Sea Bass producer in the world”. And now we have become the first company in the world to produce Bluefin Tuna fish. We are also happy that we succeeded in such an extraordinary practice related to nutrition, which is crucial for the future of humanity. Our ultimate goal is becoming the largest aquaculture company in the world."


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