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Klimaks operating for nearly 15 years in the agricultural sector, for over 10 years plant nutrients ( fertiziler ) and seed is an enterprise engaged in production. Including liquid and powder are producing both of organic and chemical plant nutrients ( fertiziler ). Klimaks operating for nearly 15 years in agricultural sector. In this long time we gained a lot of knowledge and experience in this industry. And we combine these knowledge and experience with our R&D activities. Therefore the yield of our products is on maximum level. When we produce a new product, firstly our laboratory team study about the chemical analysis. Afte then our agricultural engineers test this new product in our R&D garden. When the results would be perfect, we get the patent and present this new product to the worl agricultural sector. In order to recieve high yield ang high quality from the plants, firstly is required the follwing; Healthy and strong root system, a strong plan body, very green and big leafs, sufficiently and healthy flowers. And also the fruits, vegetables or industrial plants would be desired size with desired quality. Klimaks products are prepared for these targets. We make a lot of R&D activities in our laboratory and ourself garden for produce the perfect quality plant nutrients ( fertilizer ) and seed ( perfect germination, healthy growth, high yield and quality products ). Our company policiy is, present to the world agricultural sector theneeds of farmers quality plant nutrients and seed in worldwide standards ang quality with reasonable price.


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